Business Law

Determining how to start, operate, expand, and dissolve a company fall under the category of Business Law. Whether you are an individual business owner or represent a large corporation, Ambrosi & Doerges can offer you our services as general counsel and guide you through the many aspects of complying with business law.

Both Mr. Ambrosi, who is an entrepreneur, and Ms. Doerges, who began practicing law after a successful career in business management and sales, know that staying in constant compliance with the numerous rules and regulations for businesses can seem intimidating. If you are looking for help with any stage of business, we have the knowledge and experience to be a full-service advocate for you.

To begin, we will guide you in determining the correct structure for your business (e.g., LLC, corporation, sole proprietorship, etc.), and then we will create it by drafting the necessary documents and filing them with the appropriate government entities. If needed, we will obtain DBA (“doing business as”) status for you or issue shares of stock or membership interests.

From there, you may want assistance lawfully maintaining your business. We can help you with the following tasks and more:

  • Creating annual minutes
  • Drafting resolutions
  • Filing Statements of Information
  • Developing and updating employee handbooks
  • Implementing new employee policies
  • Advising you on human resource issues
  • Preparing commercial contracts
  • Assisting with succession planning

You will also receive our counsel for how best to handle any number of business scenarios, and then we will draft the proper agreements between owners, such as Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, or Buy-Sell Agreements. For example, if you want to expand, sell to a third party, or be bought out, we can create contracts/documents to handle these events.

Through it all, we will stay at your side. If you are buying or selling a business, we will use our strong negotiation skills to help you get a favorable deal. Once a deal is in place, we will prepare the documents required for it and follow through with execution and delivery.

Regardless of the size of your business, we want to listen to your concerns and provide answers to your Business Law questions. Please call us at (714) 382-7007 to arrange a personalized consultation.