Trust Administration & Probate

Trust Administration

When someone with an estate plan that includes a Trust passes away, working to enact that Trust is called Trust Administration. If you are a Trustee, we can help. Working with the Trustee, we can privately and compassionately accomplish the many things that need to be done upon the death of a loved one. In cases where a spouse survives another, we can help with planning measures, asset allocation, and necessary documentation for joint ownership and other estate matters. In cases of final administration, we will work closely with the Trustee to ensure he or she fulfills the fiduciary duties and performs the obligatory tasks of the Trustee in accordance with the Trust and the Law.

Unlike Probate, this is not a court-supervised process. However, a misstep could result in disgruntled beneficiaries or even litigation, and it may drag out the process for years. We have decades of experience in Trust Administration, including working with out-of-state Trustees. You can rely on us to oversee every detail and provide the resolution and peace you and your family deserve.


When someone dies without any estate plan or only a Will, all decisions about the distribution of their assets, future care of their dependents, and so on are supervised by the Probate Court according to the Probate Laws of each State.

Ambrosi & Doerges is licensed to handle Probate in all California courts. We can guide you through the legal process and deal with all court filings, documents, hearings, and more. We will open your case in Probate Court and work actively to oversee the often complex proceedings. While Probate is not a low-cost process, you should know that our firm will be paid completely out of the estate*; no beneficiary or executor needs to pay for the Probate proceedings or lawyer’s fees. You can be assured of sensitive care and attention to detail by our attorneys while you are grieving the loss of your loved one.

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*California law has set attorney fees based on the gross value of the decedent’s property. These statutory fees could be exceeded by extraordinary fees as ruled by the Court. If approved by the Court, extraordinary fees would be paid out of the estate.