Real Estate Law

Real Estate or Real Property Law is a complex area. For many people, their real property is the biggest asset in their net worth, and safekeeping it—despite the swings of the real estate market and the numerous legal difficulties associated with owning real property—can seem like a formidable undertaking.

With Ambrosi & Doerges, you gain a firm with vast experience in Real Estate Law. Our founding partners have a passion for real estate: Mr. Ambrosi owns several income properties, and Ms. Doerges began her career in real estate before moving to business management and sales, and then to practicing law. Their interest has led the firm to help many clients and create a strong network of colleagues in the real estate arena.

You can turn to Ambrosi & Doerges for help with any transactional real estate matter, including:

  • Buying and selling properties
  • Creating contracts
  • Reviewing and negotiating leases
  • Examining titles and reconciling title issues
  • Handling property tax issues
  • Dealing with landlord and tenant issues
  • Reviewing and advising on deals
  • Investigating land use compliance
  • Handling all kinds of 1031 exchanges

We also have expertise in litigating real estate matters. If you are involved in litigation, we will aggressively represent you. In fact, our goal is to have the legal action resolved before going to court.

As our client, you will secure our strong negotiating abilities. Real estate ventures often involve negotiations for sales and acquisitions, title insurance policies, development, partnership agreements, and more. We can assist you in getting favorable terms from your deal.

You will gain more than the aid of a lawyer because of our extensive network in the realm of real estate. We count realtors, brokers, title representatives, insurance providers, and escrow officers as colleagues. Our experience, combined with this broad network, means that we have the tools and contacts that you need to navigate any area of Real Estate Law.

If you need a trustworthy law firm to help you be successful in the complicated world of real estate and the laws surrounding it, we can help. Our clients come from a wide variety of professions and income brackets, and you will receive our competitively priced, personal service regardless of your background or case.

Please call us at (714) 382-7007 to arrange a face-to-face meeting to talk through your Real Estate or Property Law needs and receive straightforward legal assistance.